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  1. So many quality quotes! Puck you sir! Sorry homo! Why dont you watch MTV for once in your life you ranga! Dicktation! Amazing haha
  2. You lot call it black friday? We call it mad friday here. And its shit, packed to fuck, all the knobs have been on the piss since dinner and want to fight. Other peoples birthdays probably, when youre out with a load of mates and shit. Boxing day is a good piss up though.
  3. Not one vote for fuckwit of the year \o/
  4. Of course they will. Ring them up, tell them. They send you a form out, you fill it in with basically what you said on the form and 2 weeks later you get your money back. Well at least I did when some jebend signed upto with my card. Bit different I guess as I didn't actually give out my details, you did.
  5. Yeah Tizer went horrible. I bought 9 cans from Tesco the other day because I remember this thread
  6. Last episode was absolute dog wank. Proper bad. Will still watch it though I guess :/
  7. Missed that then? £10 for 2 hours, a years membership and 2 pints.
  8. Your all getting offers already? I havent even done my UCAS yet? Wtf im so behind. Need to do my personal statement aswell.
  9. Does anyone here go Northumbria? Or have any friends that go there? Seen as im not even going to an open day there or anything i'd kinda like to know what its like before fully decided. If not, it looks like im going shitty Manchester Met
  10. Probably from the same knob head scientists that said dont put ham butties in your childs lunchbox as it increases the likelihood of cancer later in life. Such shit.
  11. His is only noticeable so much because of his fat ass chin/neck. I have the same, yet im skinny, pisses me off so much.
  12. Ill be honest, having grown men on your bedroom wall is gay as fuck. Especially when it costs £35.
  13. A mate of mine has fucked everything up due to gambling. He got took to the bookies now and then by his mates and didnt bet. He then got urged to just have a dabble on the machines. Next thing you know, hes £3k down and eating into his savings that his mum and dad have saved for him and they dont even know. I actually lent him £150 because he said he had no money at all until next week and wanted to go out etc. Considering telling his mum but you cant really can you, cant dob a mate in like that even though its proper serious shit.
  14. 'Not as bad as some of you made out' His head is basically split in half ffs!
  15. Jez man, you need to get a new job or something, all you do is come and rant about it on here everyday basically