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  2. FBKits - Official Thread

    Three teams to go and its all done for now then just waiting on all arm sponsors and all thirds to be revealed to launch the pack
  3. Yesterday
  4. LDX new template ...

    Yes, of course, I'll try not to spoil this, as it was with the first template)))
  5. FBKits - Template Shop

    Here's one. I'll do the other one tomorrow if nobody else does. Lotto Genoa away.zip *** Here's some from Ireland as well. Legea Belgrado | Bodibro 1 Download (zip)
  6. FBKits - Template Shop

    Anybody can do it?
  7. FBKits - Official Thread

    Primera División 2016/17 Thank's to @aka_wizard for his research and @yayupericu for making with me the kit pack Argentina - Primera División 1617.zip
  8. FM 2017

    Divok Origis stats for me at PSG since Jan 2017 (currently Sept 2017) 39 games with 23 goals. Only paid £11.75m for him but the board think I over spent on him
  9. FBKits - Official Thread

    Ireland - SSE Airtricity First Division 2017.zip Big credit to @aka_wizard who has performed the entirety of the research for this pack -- without his help it would not have been released so quickly.
  10. LDX new template ...

    Pretty damn good! Will you put it for download later?
  11. LDX new template ...

    Template at the earliest stage. You can say a sketch .
  12. The Summer Transfers Thread

    Joselu in Toon, expecting big things. Hopefully top two of Gayle and Joselu..
  13. The Premier League Thread

    Its the opening weekend, anything goes. Bit like the 3rd round the cup tbf, you get your upsets, your mental results and the crappy games. It'll back to bog standard big 4 winning everything in a couple of weeks.
  14. FBKits - Work In Progress

    Ukraine Premier League
  15. The Premier League Thread

    It can only get better, I suppose?
  16. Last week
  17. The Premier League Thread

    West Ham are defo shit!
  18. The Premier League Thread

    Sums up the opening weekend pretty well. I guess we're still going for the old "score more goals than the other guy" tactic, or something. What's sure is that there's something wrong with the way we're set up to defend set pieces that signing a defender won't fix.
  19. SS' Official Kits thread

    Can someone make these kits please
  20. FM 2018 Information and Release

    Will be buying for sure. FMT = FM Touch right?
  21. The Summer Transfers Thread

    Jese on loan at Stoke then, means they have more champions league winners at their club than any other team in the league
  22. Football League Thread

    Well, Oxford have started really well. 2 wins from 2, no goals conceded and some really good football and goals played. All this despite losing our manager and captain during the summer.
  23. The Premier League Thread

    Well we've had an opening weekend of games then. Not sure if Manchester United looked impressive and much improved or if West Ham were just as shit as normal really? Nice to see Arsenal's defensive issues continue into this season too. And Liverpool's for that matter. And finally, a massive LOL at Chelsea
  24. SS' Official Kits thread

    Hi there.Can anyone do SPAL (Serie A) 2018 kits, please?
  25. SS' Official Kits thread

    ..just one thing..Omán senior team wears TaJ (without Kappa co-sponsor).
  26. SS' Templates Thread

    Please correct these template to Errea 363 & Jumper 25-26
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