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  2. Series named Prison Break, season not about getting out of a prison. Makes sense.
  3. I think John Terry comes across as a self-righteous cunt.because he is a self-righteous cunt.
  4. Ah, the European League finals. The competition no team really gives a fuck about unless they win it. Congrats on the win though!
  5. Today
  6. Also, the number of people I've seen on Twitter suggesting that every terror suspect be deported is ridiculous 1. The bloke was born in the UK, where the fuck do you expect to deport him 2. Deporting people costs a lot of fucking money and time 3. There are a lot of innocent fucking people there and doing that only creates a bigger problem, it pushes innocent people towards radicalisation as it's divisive 4. The reason people can be known to authorities is that they look at and investigate a lot of people, they do not have the budget or people to be able to track or watch everyone they suspect, they are prioritised and sometimes someone deemed to not be a major threat can be
  7. That's the problem though. The doctor himself said it would take a miracle to heal now. Basically he thinks the part of the bone that isn't getting blood is dead (said he first thought of that during the surgery as the bone was too hard). I wanted to get the surgery done as soon as possible but he just said we should wait a bit as the surgery is more complicated the second time around. Bad thing is, if the second surgery won't work I will need a third one and they will take the bone out completely!
  8. Congratulations to Man United
  9. Yup, then you get the absolute drivel from the shitstain papers like the Daily Mail, like this
  10. I'm sick of the tweets and posts from right wing pig ignorant nutjobs it does me head in. So effing narrow minded.
  11. I was just wondering if this final happened to have been between Ventspils and Debrecen for example, I wonder if UEFA would have suddenly decided to scrap this, what is in my opinion, crackpot idea of the winner going on to get a place in the Champions League. Hmm
  12. Because the bloke's a massive cunt and by doing it that way more people are appalled by it, it spreads further, brings more fear, better for their bullshit cause Bunch of cunts the lot of them, and the amount of just idiotic tweets I've seen from right wing nutjobs as well, christ...
  13. Or you know. You unsettle a player and then sign him
  14. Can anyone fix all the problems with the Brazilian pack?
  15. Need to start somewhere, might not work but at least they trying.
  16. Rumoured loan deals for Clinton Mata (Charleroi), Andros Townsend (again) and one that is making me piss myself with laughter, Kelechi Iheanacho (why the buggering hell would he move from City and CL football, granted not a guaranteed starter but he does get games) to us who are most likely going to struggle unless we get serious investment from FCB which although mooted is yet to show itself
  17. Youri Tielemans to Monaco for €23m confirmed, he'll flourish there I'm sure. Middlesbrough have agreed to release Victor Valdes. He follows Brad Guzan out on a free, meanin gBoro will need a new keeper for next season.. One i'm sure we've all heard is Real Madrid spending £38m on 16-year old Vinicius Jr.
  18. Liverpool 17-18 away kit leaked and third kit
  19. Atsu to Newcastle confirmed, 4-year deal
  20. I think it makes football look like a game for mugs. Staging a freaking substitution so he can have an f-ing clap in the minute that matches the number on his shirt? What kind of balls is that?? Sunderland should have just passed it between themselves, though being mackems they would have knacked that up. It just stinks for me, him, Chelsea and mackems should be fined for it. Freaking joke.
  21. I'll be watching this and I'll be siding with Ajax gonna be a tough game for United. But then again it depends which Ajax turns up tonight, if they on form they can beat most teams but if they having a bad day then they can get beat by most anyone.
  22. Something was going to happen here at some point, but why do it somewhere with a high level of children in the vicinity. I just hope it doesn't turn the election campaigning into a immigration only campaign.
  23. Thought I'd leave it a day to give things to not be so 'raw', although I don't think a day is long enough if i'm honest. Terrible scene in Manchester. Such a great city and those poor kids man. Also:
  24. Definitely not, if you want it to heal fully.
  25. The final is tonight then, free to view and kick off is 7:45. All pressure is on United as the 'bigger' team, and the game is very much must-win as they need Champions League football. Mourinho has put all his eggs in this basket and it could backfire massively. Especially with the shite at the centre of defence now Bailly is suspended. I think Ajax might win tonight.
  26. This one wasn't so much based in/about getting out of a prison as such. That said, the further in it gets, the more plot holes i'm finding with it.
  27. #Conspiracy It's about time retrospective bans came in. I'm all for this one.
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