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  3. pgjr

    SS' Templates Thread

    Does anyone have this Puma templete?
  4. hammer9

    FMV'13 Logos

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  6. hammer9

    SS' Work in Progress 19/20 New!

    Updated WIP... Added WIP... @shooto - (updated 18/01/20) Brazil - Serie A New! Denmark - Danish Superliga New! WIP Waiting Lists:- Uruguay - Segunda 19/20 (here full photos of each clubs - Here! by @cuitron ) New! Mexico - Ascenso MX (photos for all teams - Here! by Juancr7) New! Indonesia - Liga 1 New! Malaysia - Super League New! Philippines - Football League New! Holland - Eerste Divisie New! Cyprus - Cypriot First Division New! Qatar - QNB Stars League New! UAE - UAE Arabian Gulf League New! Scotland - Highland League & Lower Leagues lists..by Carolina Panthers (sortitoutsi) (photos for Highland League - here! ) New! (photos for Lowland League - here! ) New! (photos for South of Scotland Football League:- here! ) New! (photos for East of Scotland Football League:- here! ) New! Egypt - Egyptian Premier League New! Denmark - Danish Superliga New! New Zealand - Football Championship New! Rep of Ireland - LOi First Division (photos for all teams - Here! by brookies14022 (sortitoutsi) New! Slovenia - Slovenian Prvaliga New! Colombia - Primera A New! Algeria - Algerian League 1 New! Brazil - Serie A , B & C New!
  7. they are still WIP waiting lists tho
  8. fm4life

    FMV'13 Logos

  9. jorge1106

    FM XML for Mac

    Hello Putzy, first of all, I just want to thank all your work and support for this great community (I am writing from Chile, so you can see where your work comes from). I tell you, although I think you should know, that your FM XML program stopped working correctly with the Catalina update and I wanted to know if you had in your plans to put together a new version of this great program for this OSX Thank you very much for your response and work.
  10. BajaHater

    SS' Templates Thread

    Damn,this looks amazing! Thank you very much for this work mate
  11. Last week
  12. finnman1234

    SS' Fantasy Kits Thread

    Not perfect, but I love
  13. aird


    My reaction to my youth intake then seeing this guy: CA of 3* PA of 5*
  14. Anyone working on Denmark - Danish Superliga?
  15. localhero


    Not so shabby, I'm into season 9 with Bangor 1876 and my 2nd in the Welsh Premier League.
  16. brunu'ss

    FC’12 Template Thread

  17. aird


    After pumping teams in the group stages, put 11 past Gent, with Aberdeen I went onto pump RB Salzburg. 1-1 at Shittodrie and a 3-1 win in Austra. Lille up next for the Aberdeen hit squad.
  18. shooto

    SS' Official Thread

  19. Ivs

    FMG09 Template

    Thank you @skuyps! If you manage to find by chance some of the kitpacks above, please don't hesitate to share them. At that time, someone released even a kit megapack: http://www.soccerbar.cc/thread-56125-1-1.html Unfortunately no working links are available. Someone still have that megapack?
  20. Fab Cardoso

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    Liverpool 97-98 away, 98-99 third Argentina 1982 home and away Belgium 1982 home and away
  21. carcazz

    SS' Templates Thread

    Seven Sportswear 14-20 https://www.mediafire.com/file/66ilic1g9l4ze7b/Seven_Sportswear_14-20.rar/file
  22. Murray

    FMV'13 Logos

  23. benjani31

    FMV'13 Logos

  24. Luis26

    CPv kits - Oficial Thread

    Hello friend, a hug and you recover well.
  25. Extra Time FM

    [FM20] Wandering to Titles - Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C

    We're 27 episodes deep now. The third season in. It's been a fantastic journey of highs and lows. Here's the latest: A lot is expected from our star summer signing. Can he deliver to help us improve on the last two 5th place finishes in the league? We will also battle away in the Europa League this year - the trophy we lifted in my first year. Read it all here: Wandering to Titles - We Are Off to a Flyer! (August) Episode 27
  26. Madman99

    SS' Templates Thread

    Adidas 1351 Errea 405, 406, 416 (All Remade) & Errea 423-468 DOWNLOAD (All templates originally made by @bolid74 & converted by myself)
  27. bktr_025

    SS' Official Thread

    LIGA MX (updates) Atlético San Luis (new third) Club León (new third) Morelia (new third) Querétaro (new season kits)
  28. Fab Cardoso

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    I'll work on these when I have some free time.
  29. SSKCC update 19/20 packs:- SSKCC19.3.6 v0.8 for 19/20 kits on FM19 ONLY Relink! (updated - Mexico (L1), France (L1-3), Portugal (L1-2) & few leagues as well.) (Still working on SSKCC with Spain 1-18, Serbia Full Leagues & Romania Liga 3-4, Italy C/D, France N2, Germany Regionalligas soon) (please let me know if any error, default kit, no third, missing kits etc thanks) >> See on the first post for kit change colour!! <<
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