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  3. I just don't understand why some guys make templates that, in practice, only few will contribute... The only option is to use SS' or FBKits.
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  5. Now it's been over a year since the first post Any news on progress or release? Eventually just please release what you've got so we can work on that
  6. @shooto, Do you will make the kits from second divisions of Uruguay and Colombia?
  7. Anybody has thi Joma collar or can help me with this:
  8. try now
  9. New Life 4
  10. small update i have remove myself from the account - i cannot keep helping you guys on any issue you may have on any template. i will keep working on my private work, making my own packs and i hope to release soon the template megapack.
  11. this one was made by @JonasMorais - don't know if anyone has another ManU.rar and 433 brands reviewed/remade - new template megapack is slowly coming to a end
  12. Guys who has the Man United home jersey 16/17 template? Thanks
  13. ok...let's go for it wip list updated
  14. yes i am sure lol
  15. you sure??? England??? lol...ok.
  16. You need to recover all holiday from last year!!! Push more !!
  17. back again this year! - English Premier League - Superleague Greece
  18. this is the line of work we need to have...first all the major leagues, after, the second leagues
  19. I will check at the time which league do it, depends on what remains. I would like avoid this year delays with major leagues like Ligue 2 - League 1 and 2
  20. @Packmanch Italy-Serie A Tim,for my WIP
  21. Wow and thank all kit makers. The national kits for 16/17 are still in work?
  22. download area 1617 updated some of this packs will be available in 1718 aswell because some championship are still underway - mostly south american leagues we will updated them to the 1718 season
  23. season 17/18 Colombia - Liga Aguila 2017 Colombia - Primera B 2017 Ecuador - Copa Banco del Pacifico 2017 Paraguay - Copa Tigo 2017 USA - MLS 2017 Venezuela - Primera Division 2017 **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** FBKITS ARE EXCLUSIVE FROM FMVIEW AND FROM EVERY INDIVIDUAL KITPACK CREATORS ANY EXTERNAL LINK NOT RELATED TO FMVIEW IS NOT ALLOWED AND FORBIDDEN ANY MEGAPACK MADE USING THIS WORK IN ANY OTHER SITE OR FORUM, NOT RELATED TO FMVIEW, IS FORBIDDEN REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDITS TO EVERY KITPACK CREATOR AND REMEMBER TO RESPECT THE MANY HOURS OF EFFORT AND WORK THAT EACH KITMAKER HAD TO MAKE THIS WORK YOU CAN SHARE THIS WORK BY SHARING THE DOWNLOAD AREA LINK TO ANYWHERE for complains, please contact anyone from GFX team
  24. @Packmanch Primera B Colombia has been done, now im WIP with Bolivia Primera
  25. It's a transfer rumour of sorts, Gossip columns have it that Toon fans are worried that Benitez is on the verge of quitting due to transfer deals falling through as he cannae afford to give them what they want. I don't believe it but equally it wouldn't surprise me
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