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  4. Player Valuations

    The values of Celtic players at the start are ridiculous enough never mind the regens
  5. Yeah basically just good scouting atributes Helps if they have a similar tactical approach to how you play as well Always make sure you have the final say though, they will try and make shit transfers every now and then
  6. I've never done it myself but I've always been tempted to give everything up to the director of football. I assume the best stats for that would be similar to a scouts. So judging current and potential ability.
  7. I think I can choose whom to transfer, keep or sell/loan better but I'd be happy if someone can do the rest of the work; however I do not want to rely on people incompetent on doing these. Do you think some of these assistance can be better than doing yourself ? Do you think of any attributes that might be related to how successful people would be in such a work ?
  8. Player Valuations

    There is no logic. But then neither is there in football irl.
  9. Hi admin, staff and members

    i have problem my pc, i cant do anything without my pc, i use my iphone tho. Hopeful it will come back soon thanks hammer9

  10. Player Valuations

    Anyone found wild variations in player valuations. I have a young left back (5* potential) just shy of 17 years old. I have rejected numerous bids of £5m + for him and his valuation stays at £44k. He is a first team player and has already made 50+ first team starts. Celtic have a 20 year old Scottish right back come through their youth system kicking about with a £7m valuation. I have several other players lighting up the Championship and SPL whilst on loan but again values never push beyond £100k even with them scoring goals for fun, winning motm awards left, right and centre. Struggling to see the logic and ruling in said valuations
  11. SS' Templates Thread

    Its not often I ask for a template, but has this one from Puma been made? Cant find it in the pack http://www.lsk.no/nyheter/lsk-vant-lokaloppgjoret-4-0/_/image/74e1555f-d0d3-46b8-96d2-da650e1b3e28:bb4b79625f737c0003b6f887c1bef809b21c76d8/wide-1600-900/Phillip.JPG
  12. LDX new template ...

    Hi mate, I'm a big fan of your work! any updates? 😁
  13. Last week
  14. I think I've figured out how to solve the the issue with Gibraltar and Holland steel logos not showing because the default logos are hardcoded by SI. I've searched the internet for quite a while tonight and eventually found an old post by michaelmurray that solves the issue. In the nations config file you need to add the following 2 lines of code and then the steel logos will work <record from="784" to="graphics/pictures/team/784/logo"/> <record from="214394" to="graphics/pictures/team/214394/logo"/> I did also notice that the ID in my nations config was wrong for Gibraltar. If you have a custom flags folder you need to add these config lines in to get your custom flags to work for Gibraltar and Holland <record from="europe/ned" to="graphics/pictures/team/784/logo"/> <record from="europe/gib" to="graphics/pictures/team/214394/logo"/> Once you've done this go to preferences, clear cache and reload skin and everything should work.
  15. General FM18 Chat

    Won the title on the last day of the season beating Celtic 3-2 to win the SPL by 2 points.
  16. FBKits - Official Thread

    Primera División Argentina
  17. General FM18 Chat

    Think its pure luck. I've found anfew decent ones over the years
  18. Breuddwyd Cymreig

    Grr, board won't go pro!!!
  19. General FM18 Chat

    Has anyone noticed the amount of decent regens that are free at the very start of the game? These are the ones I managed to get at Milan: And 2 I missed out on: Has this always been in the game or is it new?
  20. SS' Work In Progress 17/18 New!

    ops.. sorry Thanks pandora.
  21. SS' Work In Progress 17/18 New!

    Is already done Hungary - Merkanitil Bank NB II SS'2017/18 by karamel New! (17/12/17)
  22. General FM18 Chat

    7 points behind Celtic who have played 30 games. I have 2 games in hand and 2 games against them. Might actually win SPL in 2nd season Got knocked out of Europa in last 32 vs Besiktas, losing 6-2 on aggregate
  23. General FM18 Chat

    The game runs so slow when all leagues are loaded haha.
  24. SS' Work In Progress 17/18 New!

    Anyone is doing the Nemzeti Bajnokság II ?
  25. This is "ITALIAN SERIE C by Marco Fucelli", but some colors of the kits are not correct Italian Serie C Kits ss 17/18 by Marco Fucelli https://mega.nz/#!p7pAxDDS!0Z_0lIh7vWr2aPBhdYA3ZHVWKAdeXNrjGQPe1mLI9k0
  26. FMG09 Template

    Thanks mate
  27. FMG09 Template

    Here is what I found, I might have more templates on another hard drive: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1hyg8eeuafx6q3k/Megapack_V6.rar
  28. FMG09 Template

    Doesn't matter, even the blank one will be fine
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