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  4. StuW

    The 'What Are You Up To Today?' Thread!

    Just done three countries in 8 days Flew to Dubrovnik (Croatia) last Wednesday, then onto Mostar (Bosnia & Heregovina), then onto Perast & Kotor (Montenegro). Cannot recommend Montenegro highly enough. Genuinely one of the most breathtaking countries I've visited. Especially Perast and the little church on the island. I'm not one for being speechless, but this place did that. Back to work tomorrow
  5. Last week
  6. argypaok

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    GREECE 1996 - 1998
  7. Gkanian

    FM-View Avatar's Kits

    Style: SS Name: ALEXAO Number: 33 Club: CHELSEA Home OR Away:HOME What year of kits: 2019/20
  8. BabaFumika

    SS' Download Area For Domestic League Kits Packs 18/19

    plz I'd like to ask for some modifications. on the first post, china 2018 >> china 2019 baba fumika >> baba fumika (FMNATION) add plz
  9. hammer9

    3D Kits Download Thread for FM18/FM19 (2018/19) New!

    3D' 2018/19 for FM18/19 only - China - Super League 3D'2019 by BabaFumika New! >> DOWNLOAD <<
  10. SS'18/19 update packs:- Finland - Veikkausliiga SS'2019 by v7ville New! China - Super League SS'2019 by BabaFumika New! Sweden - Superetten SS'2019 by pgjr New! >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
  11. shooto

    SS' Official Kits Thread

  12. Reuben_Agboola

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Sunderland Home 2019-20
  13. bolid74

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Inter 19/20 H / A
  14. Chagas

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Please Grêmio Home Grêmio Away
  15. Timo3681

    SS' Fantasy Kits Thread

    Bundesliga 2042/2043 Fantasy Kits: FC Bayern München Home: Borussia Dortmund Home:  Fortuna Düsseldorf Home: Bayer Leverkusen Home: Eintracht Frankfurt Home: 1.FC Nürnberg Home: SV Werder Bremen Home: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Home: SC Freiburg Home: Borussia Mönchengladbach Home: FC Schalke 04 Home: FSV Mainz 05 Home: VfB Stuttgart Home: Hertha BSC Berlin Home: Hannover 96 Home: VfL Wolfsburg Home: RB Leipzig Home: FC Augsburg Home: Germany Home 2043:
  16. bolid74

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Southampton 19/20 H / A / T
  17. Reuben_Agboola

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Athletic Bilbao Home & Away 2019-20
  18. shooto

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    nah ,. the neck, the 3 strips, good try but no.
  19. argypaok

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    GREECE AWAY KITS 2002-2004
  20. Shteffyyy

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Took the liberty to make the 3rd kit. I wasn't as successful as I expected with the home and away though.
  21. shooto

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    coming soon. They are not yet official
  22. Shteffyyy

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Really? no one to make the real madrid kits please?
  23. Jaco89

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    Real Madrid 1994-96
  24. Jaco89

    SS' Official Kits Thread

    Flamengo 2019 con y sin publicidad
  25. vonreichsmueller

    Un-Named Project - Follow Up To Steel 18 Logos

    Nice. At fmscout there was today a new command. Some news of the project?
  26. Murray


    Yup, this is totally my fault... He's not featured for my side much lately due to the fact that he's currently out on loan to Man United, after handing in a transfer request as he feels he's achieved all he can at the club. Also, he's 35, so not exactly at his prime. And yes, Steven Gerrard is the current England manager.
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  28. hammer9

    SS' Templates Thread

    Errea 411 (thanks to bolid74 for template, remade by hammer9) >> Download <<
  29. Many thanks to you for the Groupe E of French National 3. Is it possible to you to make the other groups ? Have a nide day. Louison

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