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  3. As far as I know Ipswich and Sheffield Utd did not use 3rd kits in last season, so they're not in the pack. Many teams at beginning of the season declare last season away kit to be used as 3rd option in cases of some cup match colour clash. But often such case doesn't happen and teams don't use 3rd kit at all. If you know for a fact that those teams used 3rd kits in official matches (red Ipswich and purple Sheffield) and even better, if you're able to link to picture galleries, I'll add those kits in both 2D and 3D packs
  4. BabaFumika

    3D Kits Download Thread for FM18/FM19 (2018/19) New!

    JAPAN - J1 League 3D 2019 (1st) by BabaFumika (FMNATION) https://www.mediafire.com/file/kjh4mdun1nyq0n9/JAPAN_-_J1_LEAGUE_3D_2019.zip/file
  5. Yesterday
  6. Any idea why Ipswich kits and Sheff Utd 3rd don't show in game? I've added the SSKCC and they still don't show
  7. Major League Soccer 2019 https://www.mediafire.com/file/gwidl6bi72i74wx/Major_League_Soccer.rar/file
  8. Swaineh

    SS' Fantasy Kits Thread

    Hey guys. I'm not a noob here but I've lost the email my old account was connected to so here I am! I'm looking for some kits for HFC Haarlem - a well known team from the 70's-80's who went bankrupt in 2010 after a 2 decade decline. I'd like the home kit something along the lines of the blue kit attached. I couldn't find the correct shade of logo as it's a retro one, so I've put one in I found along with the current one.. I'd like the sponsor to be Jopen, a dutch beer company from Haarlem itself. I think COPA are an Amsterdam company, but if you're struggling with finding a logo for it, I'm more than happy to have adidas. Away kit I'm easy on. In their recent history at least it was Yellow, which I'd like aswell. With the same blue trim as the home kit. Same sponsor and manufacturer as the home too please. Many thanks everyone!
  9. Cavalcanti

    FBKits - Official Thread

    Brasil - Serie D 2019.rar
  10. SS'18/19 update packs:- Mexico - Ascenso Clausura SS'2019 by Yoz New! Canada - Premier League SS'2019 by Uncle Sam New! >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
  11. BabaFumika

    3D Kits Download Thread for FM18/FM19 (2018/19) New!

    I don't know yet. If I do, I'll write it down on the WIP list.
  12. einherjer83

    FC’12 Template Thread

    Template area for FC'12: If anyone wants to help out with the packs, give us a shout! Template megapack 4.0 Download
  13. einherjer83

    FC’12 Official Thread

    Norway - PostNord-ligaen 2019 is added to the download area!
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  15. JackHammer

    Don't act like you have missed me . . .

    Our own Rhod Gilbert returns!
  16. Rob262012

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    Thank you so much.
  17. ChrisOrmie

    Don't act like you haven't missed me.

    I thought we banned this guy? Ohai Jon.
  18. Yeah, Minne beat me to the punch by a couple of days . . . figures! What is up, I'm back on FM after a 3 year hiatus so I figured I'd come see what you reprobates were up to. Life is good on this side of the pond, just keeping on keeping on. ❤️
  19. ChrisOrmie


    Hey y'all! Been a minute, huh? I quit FM three years ago, fed up with how frustrating I found the game and just how much time and energy I invested into it. The move to the US kinda helped break the addiction too, I guess. Well last week my wife bought me FM19, and I've been back into it every day since. Playing 90% of matches on my stream so people can share my amazement and/or rage as things develop. Season two of rebuilding Swansea is going FAR better than the first year, and I'm about to play the first Welsh Derby on the game since Cardiff got relegated - should be interesting times. Thought there might be some interest here and wanted to catch up with everyone anyway so thought I'd stop by and let you know I'm usually live around this time every day (though might take a day off here and there to rest/recover/calm down :D) over at twitch.tv/chrisormie so stop by and get involved - it'd be good to see some old faces over there! :D
  20. localhero

    The Premier League Thread

    Poor pun but I hope it happens cos if it don't we doomed
  21. localhero

    Transfer Rumours

    Rumoured interest in most of our first team squad and no sign of incoming activity
  22. localhero

    Newcastle's Takewover

    Damn straight I'm buzzing. I'm wary though, every other rumoured takeover has either been a load of cojones or has failed for one reason or another but this feels different. He is related to Man C's Sheikh, cousins I think it is and apparently there is an inter-family murder in there somewhere involving the two lines. He is rich but not Man C rich so we will have cash. Latest is they want Rafa to stay and Jose was never really a goer, just paper talk. There are other interested parties though, not been named, but that could be balls. Rafa has 15 days left on his contract, no closer to signing a new one, but neither has he told Ashley to f off so that swinging me towards takeover is definitely on, but then again he has maintained he knows bugger all about it. We may have no strikers left come the start of the season if it isn't settled soon, Rondon gone, Perez looks like going, Joselu almost certainly going, Gayle probably going. If it happens the CL here we come, if it doesn't L1 here we come.
  23. BabaFumika

    3D Kits Download Thread for FM18/FM19 (2018/19) New!

    I will upload J1 league 3D next week
  24. Rob262012

    SS' RETRO Kits Thread (RETRO ONLY)

    Thank you,you don't have Alicante CF do you?
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