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    download link here
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    KAPPA 406 Download LUANVI 44 (not 43) Download JOMA 297 Download
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'm trying to keep going, but work is keeping me busy at the moment. Though here is another team from the pack I'm working on: MLS 2018 - FC Dallas
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    I’m very glad that after 4 years making this Megapack someone like my mate @Packmanch made this v16, believe me guys, it takes alot of free time and alot of patience, amazing work mate, it is not obvious to do something like that, thank you very much, and i hope that someday I’ll comeback.
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    new update if all goes well, i will release the new TMPv16 today afternoon...fingers crossed. 517 brands cheers
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    Sporting Cristal Home & Away 2018
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    It's been a long time coming, but believe me, an undertaking like this megapack takes an obscene amount of time. The perseverance required to deliver something like this is incredible. Congratulations @Packmanch, stellar work!
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    template megapack update i'm working on last brand (Adidas), and has you may know, Adidas has a lot of designs, and is taking a bit more of time, has planed...be patient...is almost there. in the picture i already reached the design 519 (already deleted more than 100 designs not needed)...i think that more or less 80/90 designs are missing to be added (or deleted)...after that i can release the v16TMP...no release date planed.
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    Hammarby IF Home | Away | Third
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    Home - Away - Third
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    West Ham 18/19 H / A
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    Iran World Cup 2018 H/A
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    Home - Away - Third
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    Valencia 95-96 Athletic Bilbao 95-96
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    Deportivo La Coruña 95-96 Valladolid 95-96
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    home: https://imgur.com/0mEEVrE away: https://imgur.com/ayjf2ne third: https://imgur.com/NG1dJ9S
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    Home - Away - Third -- Home - Away - Third
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    Hammarby IF H | A | T
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    Not a pro here, but here we go. I would research for any old shirts including logos if anyone is willing to make them. Betis 95-96 Betis 96-97 Merida 95-96 Betis 96-97b
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    10pts - Maestro 9pts - JonasMorais 8pts - Caiiomt 7pts - vaWolfski 6pts - Jordi Dawi 5pts - OrangeFX 4pts - A11_Smithy 3pts - v7ville 2pts - recuay423 1pts - debeli75
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    Yes, more kits are coming but only from me it seems and I work 10-15 hour days so please don't expect kit packs from me fast. I am working on the packs I'm interested in and in whatever order I feel like at the time. MLS 2018 Atlanta United Chicago Fire Colorado Rapids New England Revolution

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