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    Botafogo 18-19 H/A/T Bahia 18-19 H/A/T Ceará 18-19 H/A Chapecoense 18-19 H/A
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    FC Nantes Home - Away - Third - - Home - Away - Third
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    Home - Away - Third -- Home - Away - Third
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    I tought the game is scaling them. Here are the low res versions then:
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    América Mineiro 18-19 H/A/T
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    Hi to all. Here are research files from some leagues for anyone who wants to make. http://www.mediafire.com/file/955ro7r5u0klcjg/Paraguay+-+Copa+TIGO-Visión+Banco.rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/ujm9be9dj51cjbd/Brazil+-+Série+A.rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/b3q6klhkvnbwpoe/Brazil+-+Série+B.rar Note 1: The research of 3rd tier of Brazil (Série C) will delay a bit, due to the difficulty to find some sponsors; Note 2: If someone are already working on a South American league (that is my focus, at the moment), please contact me, in order to don't waste too many time dedicated to collecting images from uniforms and sponsors. And, a simple question: What do you think about packs with best-placed clubs from minor leagues (those leagues that don't is too easy to find good images of shirts of all teams)? I am planning to do these types of research in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Oceania. Thanks in advance.
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    Yeah, must suck to support Italy
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    Scottish Premier League 1985/86 season
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    The transfer window has now slammed shut. Almost caught my fingers in the process. So after flirting with the idea of leaving Palermo on a high, still considering it, no clubs came in for us to takeover. Dortmund has us in for an interview but we were unsuccessful. However, we were offered the Italian, English and Belgium national team jobs after the end of Euro 2024 which Belgium won. So I got into spending some dosh. Outgoings first however; Not many going out, decent fee for Gribbin though. Few players were linked with moves away Torunarigha and Ruggiero to Man Utd and Barcelona but Utd didn't meet my valuation and Barca didn't even bid. Time to say hello to the new chaps: Felt we were seriously lacking upfront and I didn't want to go back to Birus as let's face it we'd never actually manage to get him permanently. So Soria and Castillo will do for a few years. Already looking pretty decent in the games so far. Luiz will provide cover for the CB and DM areas. Levia and Canete were HoY signings. Pena, £4m for a 16yr old? I hear you say but he'll be worth it. Ramon Gil. Transfer listed on deadline day, So I though I'd take a punt on him. Also, won the Italian Super Cup, Beating Juve 2-0. Castillo getting 2 after coming off the bench. Also part 2. Made a few alterations to the backroom staff. Let Casiraghi go after all these years. He wasn't that great tbh and I wanted to punt him in my first spell in charge but I couldn't find a replacement. So in comes Zeljko Buvac as our new number 2.
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    Some Serie A 18/19 kits: Atalanta H / A / T Bologna H Genoa H Inter H / A Juventus H / T Lazio H / A Milan H / A / T Roma H / A Torino H / A / T
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    IN HISTORY: Tielen (home) - Anderlecht (home) / 29-03-1997 / Belgium Cup Semifinal x
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    Albacete 94-95 home Albacete 94-95 away Extremadura 95-96 home (play-off) Mallorca 95-96 home (play-off) Zaragoza 95-96 third
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    Turkish Super League, please.

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