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    Republic of Ireland (Éire) - SSE Airtricity League Premier Division PLEASE NOTE UCD Dublin home kit by @shooto UCD Dublin away and third kits are fantasy, since 2019 kits aren't available yet. I hope to be able to make them soon. https://www.mediafire.com/file/72rvmapi1n5a51e/SSE_Airtricity_League_Premier_Division.rar/file
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    Bulgarian Third League South-West 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/q69jfb9j77agb5q/Bulgarian_Third_League_South-West.rar/file
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    Austria - Regionalliga Ost 2018/19 Thanks to hammer9 and shooto for the missing templates! http://www.mediafire.com/file/h5k4hr6c764i1gs/RLO_2018-19.rar/file
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    France - Championnat National 18-19 by Frimimout02 (with permission) https://www.mediafire.com/file/2j815q0g07gg38u/France_-_Championnat_National.rar/file
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    THAI LEAGUE 2019 by OPZ http://www.mediafire.com/file/b7dj4ur84dhlilx/2D+KitsThai+League++2019.rar
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    Austria - Regionalliga West 2018/19 http://www.mediafire.com/file/id48x3w83ic0a8m/RLW_2018-19.rar/file
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    Bulgarian Third League South-East 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/dw007hb9x919n7t/Bulgarian_Third_League_South-East.rar/file
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    Ukraine Premier Liga 2018/19 Download NEW: Updated sponsorship patches Arsenal Kyiv, Dynamo Kyiv, Desna Chernigiv and Olimpik Donetsk. Removed from the package the third form Zorya Lugansk.
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    France - Championnat National 2 18-19 by Frimimout02 (with permission) https://www.mediafire.com/file/u5cbnk0fa6a7wud/France_-_Championnat_National_2.rar/file unfortunately Frimimout02 didn't make HD version
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    Bulgaria - First Professional Football League 18-19 (updated - remade CSKA-Sofia home, away & third - correct pattern for kits and sponsor on sleeves) (updated - remade Verea home & away - correct pattern for kits) (updated - remade Botev Plovdiv home - correct pattern for kits) https://www.mediafire.com/file/nw0j0yvcwdqar55/BGPPL.rar/file
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    Bulgarian Third League North-West 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/0hkzbn7xocb6199/Bulgarian_Third_League_North-West.rar/file
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- Serbia - All Leagues Megapack SS'2018/19 by Serbian FM & Co Relink! (updated - Added more new kits, some remade, sponsor etc) Bulgaria - Third League North-West SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Bulgaria - First Professional Football League SS'18-19 by karamel Relink! (updated - some remade to correct pattern & new sponsor) Austria - Regionalliga Ost SS'2018/19 by schweigi New! Bulgaria - Third League South-East SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Bulgaria - Third League South-West SS'2018/19 by karamel New! France - Championnat National SS'2018/19 by Frimimout02 New! Rep of Ireland - League of Ireland Premier Division SS'2018/19 by SpGR New! France - Championnat National 2 SS'2018/19 by Frimimout02 New! Germany - Regionalliga SS'2018/19 by RuffRyder Relink! (updated - Link error, now relink) Germany - 3.Liga SS'2018/19 by cHMIELu Relink! (updated - Added Kaiserstautern third kit) >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- Turkey - Super League SS'2018/19 by Terraneo Relink! (updated - remade Galatasaray home, away & third & replace new sponsor on sleeves by hammer9) Saudi Arabia - Professional League SS'2018/19 by shooto Relink! (updated - remade Al Ahali 3rd missing badge) >> See on first post!! <<
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- England - English Leagues Level 9-10 SS'2018/19 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added Spartan South Midlands League) Japan - J2 League SS'2018/19 by bktr_025 New! Germany - Regionalliga Level 4 SS'2018/19 by RuffRyder New! Germany - Lower Leagues Level 5 (NOFV-Oberliga) SS'2018-19 by Armamaddon New! Bulgaria - Second Professional Football League SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Bulgaria - Third League North-East SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Italy - Serie A SS'2018/19 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added Inter anniversary kit (in alter folder) >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
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    Bulgarian Third League North-East 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/wc104dzuw5o2jqo/Bulgarian_Third_League_North-East.rar/file
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    ADIDAS 1292-1293 (not 1291-1292) DOWNLOAD
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    FC Gueugnon h/a CS Louhans-Cuiseaux h/a
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    Bristol City, new 19/20 home kit
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    Ukraine Premier League 2018/19 Update sponsorship patches on forms FC "Arsenal" Кyiv home/away FC "Dynamo" Кyiv home/away FC "Desna" Chernigiv home/away
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    REP. OF IRELAND PREMIER DIVISION Derry City FC 2018/19 h/a/t - Template size Sligo Rovers 2018/19 h/a - Template size Missing to complete the league: - UCD Dublin - Waterford
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    AEK ATHENS FC Home Kits 2001-2005
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    REP. OF IRELAND PREMIER DIVISION Bohemian FC 2018/19 h/a - Template size Missing to complete the league: - Derry City FC - UCD Dublin - Sligo Rovers - Waterford

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