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    Ecuador - Copa Lubrificantes Havoline 2018.rar
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    Adidas 1252-1270 (not 1251-1269) Errea 375 (not 374) Hummel 198 New Balance 70-71 Nike 877-888 (not 878-888) Puma 626-630 Umbro 626-627 Download
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    I've been away for a while, but this last season I ended up making a lot of fantasy kits to be able to play FM with CPv full packs, so this season I figured why not actually spend that time contributing for real packs. EPL is an easy one on the research side, so I figured it was a nice way to come back into this and try to get people involved. It would be nice to have at least some of the most played leagues done this season. Here are a few more to peek your interest:
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    The texture @JonasMorais. Are you going to work on these kits for the 18/19 season? Count me in to make the English Premier League. I've already done most of the ones already released. If anyone is willing to help either with templates, crazy textures (looking at you, Liverpool kits) or kits themselves, get in touch with me. I'll try my best to release all templates I've been working on tomorrow during the day. (The Adidas "away" template with the crazy chess pattern needs some refining, I'm using @Packmanch's pattern, from the FBK template, but it's not a perfect fit to the CPv template) A small sneak peek:
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    some random kits from Uruguay - 2nd B
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    Chile 18/19 Home & Away China 18/19 Home & Away Norway 18/19 Home & Away Slovakia 18/19 Home & Away Slovenia 18/19 Home & Away Turkey 18/19 Home & Away
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    Italy - Serie A Atalanta H - A - T Inter A
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    Ecuador - Primera A 2018 Barcelona SC
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    Italy - Serie A Inter Home Juventus Home
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    To help out whoever is planning to start on the new season's or World Cup's kits: Adidas Watford + Striped Chess (with improved pattern and proper sizing and positioning now) Download Here Puma Arsenal H/A + Crystal Palace H/A (base template for most new Puma Kits with both the V collar and round one) Download Here Umbro Everton/Bournemouth + Huddersfield Download Here More to come in small batches just like this as soon as I keep making them.
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    Some Premier league 18/19 kits Bournemouth H / A Cardiff H / A Huddersfield H / A
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    Norwegian megapack for the 2018 season. 418 clubs! MediaFire
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    New! Download v8.3 Updated (Numbers-Z) (MediaFire 54mb) New!
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    Wolves 18/19 H / A Southampton 18/19 H / A / T
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    ROSTOV 18-19 (H/A/3) HD on link: https://imgur.com/a/Vx6YYOb
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    Coventry 92-93/93-94 home Coventry 92-93/ 93-94 away Coventry 92-93/93-94 third Watford 85-86 home Watford 85-86 away
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    some more teams from... Ecuador - Primera A 2018 Emelec Uni. Catolica SD Aucas Liga Quito
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    I'll have to upload the ones already sorted, the other ones I'll find a way to share with you in real time. Maybe some sort of dropbox folder or such. I'll get in touch. As for Portugal, Flop still didn't mention he was doing it, but I believe with our help he might be persuaded 😁 As I've said, I don't want to overcommit, that's why I haven't reserved the Portuguese League myself. But I am, at the very least going to help out making it, if I don't actually pick it up myself after the EPL. Anyway so far we've only got 3,5 teams worth of official kits in Portugal if I'm not mistaken, so it's still very early. Speaking of which... I've obviously made these:
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    Adidas 1271 Download New Balance 72-73 (made by @shooto but i've made little changes) Download I don't know why this is out of format...

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