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    Adidas 1296-1301 (made by Blaijin (FManager Brasil Member) >> Download <<
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    Nike 924 (thanks to bolid74s template, remade by hammer9) >> Download <<
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- Samoa - National League SS'2019 by gianni1970 New! Poland - Ekstraklasa SS'2018/19 by cHMIELu Relink! (updated - Wisla Krakow new sponsor and new 3rd) Poland - Fortuna 1 Liga SS'2018/19 by cHMIELu Relink! (updated - LKS Lodz new home & away kits) South Korea - K2 League SS.2018/19 by Director (FMNation) New! Argentina - B Metro (level 3) SS'2018/19 by FranCarbonaro New! Argentina - Federal A (level 3) SS'2018/19 by FranCarbonaro New! Argentina - Primera C (level 4) SS'2018/19 by FranCarbonaro New! Argentina - Primera D (level 5) SS'2018/19 by FranCarbonaro New! >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
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    MARATHON 31 https://www.mediafire.com/file/c9q4043em1g4c12/marathon_31.psd/file
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    Made by SpGR..... (some templates had already in megapack) Adidas 1265 CX+ Sport 9-10 O'Neills 35-37 Umbro 653-656 >> Download <<
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    USA - MSL 2019 (24 teams) USA - USL Championship 2019 (36 teams) USA - USL League One 2019 (10 teams) and probably USA - USL League Two 2019 (72 teams) if i have time
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    NIKE 919-923 DOWNLOAD
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    I have these 2017-18 templates, made by fmanager.com.br members, including @clayton.padula, @Romario, @cheirador, @yanfer and others incluiding me, so I decided to share with CPv enthusiasts... DOWNLOAD LINK
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- Germany - Regionalliga Level 4 SS'2018/19 Relink! (updated - relink correct 18/19 link) Bermuda - Premier League SS'2018/19 by gianni1970 New! Bulgaria - Third League South-East SS'2018/19 by karamel Relink! (updated - fixed config error) Austria - Regionalliga West SS'2018/19 by schweigi New! Thailand - Thai League SS'2019 by OPZ New! Ukraine - Premier League SS'2018?19 by Jay_Jay_Max Relink! (updated - some remade kits for new sponsors) Lesotho - Premier League SS'2018/19 by gianni1970 New! Austria - Regionalliga Mitte SS'2018/19 by schweigi New! Romania - Liga 1-4 Leagues SS'2018/19 by ovidiu10 (fmro.ro) Relink! (updated - some remade kits) South Korea - K1 League SS'2019 by BabaFumika (FMNation) New! Poland - 1 Liga SS'2018/19 by cHMIELu Relink! (updated - swap home and away of GKS Jastrzebie) South Korea - K National League SS'2019 by BabaFumika (FMNation) New! Rep of Ireland - Premier League Division SS'2018/19 by SpGR Relink! (updated - remade few kits, Cork 3rd) France - National 3 (Group E) SS'2018/19 by karamel New! >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
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    Hello mates. I want to tell you my sad story 😂: two years ago I was working on the first template pack and some days before the release someone stole my laptop from my car. I lost all my photos, work and files, including more than half of my CPv templates. I felt so sad and disappointed that I didn’t want to know anything about that, I was release the base template without the start pack in August of 2017 and I turned the page. Until some weeks ago I went back to the project and thanks to the work of many of you (especially @trbngr, @JonasMorais, @Carbers and @Flop) I was able to make the pack that this style deserves. The template is exactly the same but I cut the edges of the canvas to make it more suitable to FM19, the new PSD file size is 400x400px, but the PNG exports should be 250x250px. Please, share all your new templates and don't modify the textures and shadows. I hope you enjoy it, it only took me three years to do it, LOL. Welcome back to CPv kits, the best FM kit template by far. CPv OFFICIAL TEMPLATE PACK TEMPLATE THREAD
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    New! SS'09-19 Templates MegaPack v8.4 with all template kits .png New! (Updated ALL new, updated, remade, old templates and new texture) >> SS' Kits Templates Numbers-Z MegaPack v8.4 << Download v8.4 Part 1 (Number-D) (MediaFire 300mb) New! Download v8.4 Part 2 (E-L) (MediaFire 368mb) New! Download v8.4 Part 3 (M-Q) (MediaFire 363mb) New! Download v8.4 Part 4 (R-Z) (MediaFire 270mb) New! Enjoy!
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    walon 41 https://www.mediafire.com/file/nv8t0z9e5nk65ap/walon41.psd/file
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    Leicester 19/20 away and third
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    Nike 918 https://www.mediafire.com/file/ty6qys3qiu47zzh/eintracht_h_temp.psd/file
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    MACRON 373 (not 374) DOWNLOAD PUMA 641-643 (not 639-641) DOWNLOAD
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    @deli77 i trying my best...there you go. Jumper 31 >> Download << @Vassilis_Pyrgos Umbro 652 >> Download << @Ashmax Under Armour 89-90 >> Download << @miguel432 Adidas 1289-1291 (Remade by hammer9, thanks for bolid74 templates) >> Download <<

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