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    Bulgarian Third League North-West 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/0hkzbn7xocb6199/Bulgarian_Third_League_North-West.rar/file
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- Turkey - Super League SS'2018/19 by Terraneo Relink! (updated - remade Galatasaray home, away & third & replace new sponsor on sleeves by hammer9) Saudi Arabia - Professional League SS'2018/19 by shooto Relink! (updated - remade Al Ahali 3rd missing badge) >> See on first post!! <<
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    SS'18/19 update packs:- England - English Leagues Level 9-10 SS'2018/19 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added Spartan South Midlands League) Japan - J2 League SS'2018/19 by bktr_025 New! Germany - Regionalliga Level 4 SS'2018/19 by RuffRyder New! Germany - Lower Leagues Level 5 (NOFV-Oberliga) SS'2018-19 by Armamaddon New! Bulgaria - Second Professional Football League SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Bulgaria - Third League North-East SS'2018/19 by karamel New! Italy - Serie A SS'2018/19 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added Inter anniversary kit (in alter folder) >> See on first post!! << Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon
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    Bulgarian Third League North-East 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/wc104dzuw5o2jqo/Bulgarian_Third_League_North-East.rar/file
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    Bulgarian Second Professional Football League 18-19 https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3me21166qocyun/Bulgaria_vtora_liga.rar/file
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    3D' 2018/19 for FM18 only - Germany - Regionalliga Nordot 3D'2018/19 by maxi9494 New! England - English Leagues Level 7-8 3D'2-18/19 by boild74 Relink! (updated - Added Northern East) Germany - Regionalliga Bayern 3D'2018/19 by maxi9494 New! >> DOWNLOAD <<
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    Germany Regional Division West 18-19 by RuffRyder (with permission) https://www.mediafire.com/file/zelau8x432i5qi4/SSKits_1819_RLWest_byRuffRyder.rar/file Germany Regional Division Nordost 18-19 by RuffRyder (with permission) https://www.mediafire.com/file/4m1h40abesbd3wa/SSKits_RLNordost1819_byRuffRyder.rar/file
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    Finland National Team Home - Away

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