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    Added config.xml by hammer9 (will fix with SSKCC for not showing kits) http://www.mediafire.com/file/esiy5hvsf1p8icw/Moldova_-_National_Division_SS%2719-20.rar/file
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    Added config.xml by hammer9 http://www.mediafire.com/file/esiy5hvsf1p8icw/Moldova_-_National_Division_SS%2719-20.rar/file
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    Juventus 4th and Valencia away
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    Ukraine Druga Liga 2019/20 Group А FC "Bukovyna" Chernivtsi home/away/third FC "Veres" Rivne home/away FC "Dinaz" Vyshgorod home/away
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    Ukraine Druga Liga 2019/20 Group А FC "Kalush" home/away FC "Nyva" Ternopil home/away/third FC "Obolon-Brewers" Bucha home/away
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    Uruguay for me, I have done it a long time ago. but I need to touch up several kits. only primera
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    Thank you for the nice work, but config.xml file is missing :)
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    hammer9 I see Moldova no one took to do I have a National Division 19/20 pack , put pack here
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    I'm gonna give a chance to México (only Liga MX, the first division)
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    Brasil - Serie B 2019.rar
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    SALAMANCA AWAY/THIRD 19-20 (Spain Segunda division B G-2)
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    Something of interest - if I got it right it is not restricted. I take no credit for it - did find it on some korean forum. Just like the idea maybe someone here will pursue it TEMPLATE ANYONE WILLING TO MAKE PACKS contact me We will drop the name tag. Skins for this: DEEP BLUE WHITEBLUE GOLD I prefer Bergkamp's V5 Downloads: MEgapack 2992 Players&Staff Update 365 Players&Staff
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    I've had a few comments down the line (here and elsewhere) regarding the way I play Football Manager - recreating my team and players from FM19 into FM20 for example. As a result, I've decided to give a go to documenting the process, and showing some of the results and stories from the games. If you're interested, have a look and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see or like more info on. I could transfer the posts here but I'm not sure what the feeling on that would be. There's no real design as I haven't put much time into the blog aspect, just the content so far: https://fmlegacygaming.home.blog/ Thanks, M
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    Updated WIP....so far... Added WIP... @F.E. - (updated - 05/11/19) Israel - Tel Aviv Stock Exchange League New! @bktr_025 - (updated - 05/11/19) Mexico - Liga MX New! Added WIP waiting lists and so far....still need anyone to make SS kits below lists of leagues. Uruguay - Primera & Segunda 19/20 (here full photos of each clubs - Here! by @cuitron ) Mexico - Liga MX & Ascenso MX (photos for all teams - Here! by Juancr7) New! Belgium - Jupiler League New! Czech - Czech First League New!
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    https://www.mediafire.com/file/gmkawhv0c6jjcbj/Greek_Football_League_by_Mysterio.rar/file Thanks to shooto for templates help
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    3D'19/20 update packs:- Italy - Serie A 3D'2019/20 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added Bologna 3rd (bolid74) & Spal 3rd (jroberts) Croatia - HT Prva Liga 3D'2019/10 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Replace new away kit for Inter Zapresic) England - English Leagues Level 1-6 3D'2019/20 by bolid74 Relink! (updated - Added National North League & South League & few 3rd kits/remade kits) >> See on first post!! <<
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    Scottish Championship & League 1 now available in download thread. A special thank you to Bolid74, cHMIELu & Hammer9 for help with templates
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    I posted these kits on sortitoutsi, and I forgot to post it here (if anyone wants to update these packs) CHILE 1ST DIVISION Audax (new third) Everton (sponsor update, new third) Universidad Católica (alt. kit) CHILE 2ND DIVISION La Serena (sponsor update) Ñublense (sponsor update, new black third kit) Santa Cruz (alt. kit) J1 LEAGUE Sagan Tosu (alt. kit, Fernando Torres' last match kits)
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    SLASK WROCLAW H/A - new sponsor added
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    Federação Portuguesa de Futebol - Home - Away

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