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      Posting of Fixture Lists

      Please do NOT post the fixture lists for ANY club on the FMV Forums please. Fixture lists are licensed material from the relevant organisations (Premier League, Football League etc). If we are found to have copyright information we will be asked to remove it. If fixture lists start appearing again, if we've had a warning, we can be fined up to £4000 (I know for one, I'm not paying it) by DataCo (the football fixtures people) who charges a standard fee for the reproduction of Fixture lists, which currently stands at: £266 plus VAT to print the fixtures of one UK based club. It currently stands at GBP22,534.00 (excluding VAT) To print all the fixtures of all leagues - and I ain't paying for that either! Exceptions: You can mention an individual fixture - but mentioning more than one is against the rules. Links to fixture lists are allowed to be posted. Anyone breaching the rules will have their posts edited/removed and warned/suspended/banned. Please don't make us do it!!!

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