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Found 42 results

  1. localhero

    Hot Streak

    A player is having a hot streak if he maintains an average rating of 8.50 or higher over a period of 5 games or more. Can be found on the main player profile page.
  2. localhero

    Golden Boot

    Have one of your players win the Golden Boot award, i.e. top scorer in the league your team plays in.
  3. localhero

    Team Performance

    To complete this challenge you must have 5 players named in the Team Of The Week.
  4. localhero

    Player Of The Month

    Have one of your players pick up the player of the month award.
  5. localhero

    Goal Of The Month

    Have one of your players pick up the goal of the month award.
  6. localhero

    A Day To Remember

    Have one of your players pick up the man of the match award on his debut for a point.
  7. localhero

    Young Player Of The Month

    Have one of your young starlets pick up the Young Player Of The Month award.
  8. localhero

    Hattrick Hero

    Show us one of your players scoring a hat-trick.
  9. localhero

    Win 15 Games In A Row

    Win 15 competitive games in a row.
  10. localhero

    You Can't Win With Kids

    Win a domestic league with the average age of your squad being 21 or under. Screenshot from final day of season of average age needed.
  11. localhero

    Score A Ton

    Reach a total of 100 league points in one season.
  12. localhero

    Go 20 Games Unbeaten

    Avoid defeat for 20 consecutive competitive matches.
  13. localhero

    Win 10 Games In A Row

    Win 10 competitive games in a row to earn yourself 3 points.
  14. localhero

    Go 10 Games Unbeaten

    Go 10 competitive games without losing to earn 2 points.
  15. localhero

    Scoring Streak

    To complete this challenge all you have to do is score in 10 consecutive competitive fixtures.
  16. localhero

    5 Consecutive Clean Sheets

    Go 5 competitive games, 450+ minutes, without conceding a single goal.
  17. localhero

    Win 5 Games In A Row

    Win 5 competitive games in a row to earn 1 point