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Found 42 results

  1. localhero

    Full Faith

    You have earned massive trust from your board and they have the utmost confidence in you, well 95% overall confidence or higher, to be exact.
  2. localhero

    Mourinho Shield

    Mourinho Shield Achievement is back. You will be required to win at least 75% of your matches in your career to gain 10 points for this. You must play at least 150 games to become eligible for this.
  3. localhero

    Loyalty Personified

    All you have to do is go 10 years (3,650 days min in your manager profile) at one club! That's 1 point for every year spent with that club.
  4. localhero

    New Trophy Room Please

    Fill your trophy cabinet with at least 30 managerial awards throughout your career.
  5. localhero


    Win four trophies in one season. Each trophy must have been contested by more than two teams, i.e. Community Shield, Euro Super Cup do not count. So for an English season an example would be Premier League/Champions League/FA Cup and League Cup.
  6. localhero

    Five Alive

    Win any league 5 seasons in a row for a cool 8 points.
  7. localhero

    Loyalty Card

    To complete this challenge you must stay at the helm of one club for 5 years.
  8. localhero

    Top Business

    Sign a player for under £1million and sell them on for a fee of over £25million to make 25 times your money on an individual player. This does not include free transfers, you must buy the player for anything up to the maximum £1million and then sell them on for anything over £25million. Or perform the inflated version and merely make 25 times your money on an individual player. Minimum sell on fee is £25m
  9. localhero

    Buying A Trophy Cabinet

    Start unemployed with Sunday league reputation and win your first piece of silverware (friendly cups do not count)
  10. localhero

    The Prefect

    Win a manager of the year award.
  11. localhero

    Cup Streak

    To complete this challenge you must win 5 different Cup trophies. It doesn't need to all be in the same nation and can be a mixture of domestic and continental cup competitions.
  12. localhero

    Wheeler Dealer

    After spending at least three years with a club have a total transfer income greater than your total transfer sent. ie Within the timeframe spend less than you receive on transfers.
  13. localhero

    You Went Where

    Complete an entire season in a non European country.
  14. localhero

    Off The Dole

    Start unemployed with Sunday league reputation and gain your first managerial job. Proof of reputation and accepted job offer needed.
  15. localhero

    Top Of The Class

    Win a manager of the month award.
  16. localhero

    Undercover Agent

    Fork out £10m in agent fees to unlock the steam achievement and earn yourself a point.
  17. localhero

    I'm The Boss

    Respect my authority! Simply fine one of your players.
  18. localhero

    Super Signing

    Have any of your new signings score on his competitive debut! Screenshot of you signing the player in question and then the relevant screenshot of his debut needed for the point.
  19. localhero

    Super Seven

    Get 7 of your players into the Team of the Year.
  20. localhero

    Goal Of The Season

    Have one of your players win the goal of the season.
  21. localhero

    Fantastic Five

    At the end of the season, have five players in the Team of the Year.
  22. localhero

    Player Of The Year

    Have one of your players win any Young Player Of The Year award at the end of any league season.
  23. localhero


    One of your players gets the most assists in the league in on season.
  24. localhero

    Tremendous Trio

    At the end of the season, have three players in the Team of the Year.
  25. localhero

    Squad Depth

    Win two consecutive competitive matches fielding two entirely different starting line ups.