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Found 1 result

  1. aird

    Il Viola Gigliati

    Been a while since I've done a current game story! So here we are. Thought I try my hand in Italian football. I had a whole list of teams to start with Juventus for the easy option or try and take back the title with the newly rich Milan teams, try my hand in the capital with Roma or Lazio but in the end, I landed on an consistent team in Serie A. Persistent mid-tablers Fiorentina. My goals are to try and close the gap at the top whilst consistently making Europe and pushing for Champions League places before eventually hoping to win Serie A and a European trophy. A few Italian Cup wins wouldn't be too bad aswell I suppose. The Team: The team is fairly well covered in all areas but is lacking a bit of depth in the striking department. There's also a fair few decent prospects in the overall squad: Transfers: I did have £9million to spend but couldn't find anyone who interested me. I was also over my wage budget to start with so that had to be sorted. No major dealings. Apart from Caceres coming to replace the injured Rodriguez who is out for 8mths. Matches: As you can see not much done in the way of matches but 2 wins out of 2 will do. Next match is against Roma should be a challenge. The Europa League gods have been kind and have given us a hopefully simple passage into the knockout stages. Will probably do this on a season to season basis depending on how fast I get through the game or unless I get sacked!