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FM View Hall of Fame Final Voting

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Ok lads, so here it is.

You've voted and the final nominations are as follows...




Gangsta Disciple








Basically the final voting will work as follows. You, the member, will state which of these members you feel are worthy of entering the FM View Hall of Fame. You can vote for as many or as few as you like.

I would say you have to PM me but I don't think we will get many votes in doing it that way so you will leave a message below. Those members that get 5 votes or more will enter the FM View Hall of Fame. YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF.

I am nominating...

AFC - he started this place.

Dangtfc - arguably our best member ever.

Gangsta Disciple - was always a legend here and is slowly becoming more active again.

Gers - has been ever present and covered every staff role going during his tenure.

JackHammer - given so much to the site in all areas but mainly GFX.

Niniev - since he came here the ante has been raised. Could post more but his work behind the scenes warrants his place.

Osgood - dominated the member of the month awards at the start and has always been active across the forums.

I will explain my reason for leaving out those that I did.

Cookie - one of my favourite members but there's a small line between cult hero and forum legend. He will be a Hall of Famer one day but for now he's still just a bit of a cult hero for my liking.

Jordo - similar to Cookie except my reason for leaving him out is that he's too off topic based. He would lead my next batch of nominations because he's an ever present name but he would need to be more all rounded to enter it at this stage.

Mase - hasn't been around and involved constantly enough to warrant a nomination in my opinion.

Bare in mind these are just my subjective opinions and not everyone will agree with me.

So yeah, there we go. There are my nominations.

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Niniev- Don't really need to give a reason for Nin, he does so much behind the scenes and has been here for a long time now, even if he can have tantrums like a little girl ;|

Gers- Done a lot for this site, had some great ideas for this site before FM10 came out and he has been here since the start.

Gangsta Disciple- I just loved GD, arguably the nicest member on here and also the most gangster after me. ILY.

Mase- I just think when Mase and Nin came in, the site went up a level and he brought me over as well, it was my favourite time here at FMV, so I give him a nomination for that.

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Gers - During my short stay here Gers always catches my attention with his posts.

Niniev - Scene Legend and I love the podcasts. One of the names that made me actually start posting here.

Zabier - Nice lad for a Bluebird, knowledgeable about footie, good poster, invited me here, and easy to chat to on msn. Also love his bits on the podcast too!

I don't know the others too well yet so can't comment on them but the above three have stood out so far!

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How am I nominated? I only got like 1 vote.

Zabier, Gers, GD, Cookie, Dangtfc

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Due to people expressing some views we decided to include everyone nominated and give everyone a chance.

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