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I'm not familiar with how well the online/network game mode has been implemented with Steam, and I don't know if anyone has tried it but now there is an official platform for network play, would it be an idea to set up some online challenges, say something similar to the tour. Or even something completely original. It's just a thought and for all I know, the Steam implemented online may be just as bad as the old way with Hamachi. Like I say, just an idea.

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Online play in the past was actually pretty good if it was structured and run properly. I was part of an FM Online "clan" for a while. There were 12 of us who played set times every Sunday and one evening per week with that evening changing weekly but discussed and sorted out on the Sunday session.

We managed about 5 seasons playing the one game, it was pretty good to be honest. The banter was awesome.

I want to get something like this up and running here but as of yet it is just myself and @@localhero who are interested.

Sign up thread for anybody who would like to take part - http://forum.fm-view.net/topic/15674-fmv-network-game/

I also have one or two other ideas in mind which I need to work on.

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