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PMS Portrait Megapack 2.1 (88.500 pics)

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PMS Megapack 2.0 via PMS Server

Update 2.1 via PMS Server

PMS Megapack 2.0 via Gamefront

PMS Megapack 2.0 via Mega


Extracting the facepack
Just extract PART I, all other parts will be extracted automatically.

After extracting the pics put them to following folder:
User/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics/players
The folder "players" has to be created by yourself.

If you want to add new pics, please use fmxml oder der FMSerbia XML Konfigurator (Java, works on Mac) to overwrite the existing config.xml.

Just refresh the skin and all pics are ingame.

Default pics
These pics should be put to:
C:/Username/Documents/SportsInteractive/FootballManager20xx/skins/chosen Skin/graphics/pictures
Default pics


Ingame-Screens FM 2014

PMS Portrait Icon Megapack 2.0


Download PMS Portrait Icon Megapack 2.0 via PMS Server

PMS Icon Update 2.1 via PMS Server

Download Megapack 2.0 Alternativ via Gamefront


Extract the folder to your graphics-folder within your userfolder (User/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics/players)
Refresh the skin and all pics are ingame.

Any update for the PMS Portrait Megapack will be resized for this pack.

Aachen4ever, BBB Croatia, Bodylove, Commondore, crocodile, ggpofm, maalivahti, makua, matze616, P-Jo, Shakespeare, smedhult, svennos, Urban Classic, Vay, Veyron

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