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Panini Portrait Pictures Megapack 2015 + Updates

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on German FM site (Meistertrainerforum) you could read more about how to put these beautiful pics into your FM, of course it is in english  








if you need to put older packages into your game: 




Update 15.3 (07.02.2015) 2420 Paninis



once again a special thanks to the creators of these beautiful Panini Pictures from



Serbian Pics Update:



- allmost all Referees from Serbian First and Second Division

- a lot of missing Staff pics from Serbian First Division

- some missing Player Pics


370 Pics



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Thx, but the link is for the FM'14 Megapack

yes, that's right BUT the guys from fmfaces didn't continue their work of improving these Panini Pictures, so the only one that updates these Megapack are the guys from Meistertrainerforum (a German FM site), all Updates after 14.9 are from this site (they updated it till now, Megapack 2015) and Serbian FM https://serbian-fm.net/panini-portrait-pictures-megapack-15-over-172000-pictures-vt12430.htm ,


cheers :up:  

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