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Kits not showing fix- call for fbkits/ss/tss and skin makers

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As everyone by now know that is a problem with kits not showing this is an appeal for everyone to work together and find a solution. No other forum as the luck of having the 3 most used styles as its "home" so I think it is beneficiary to everyone if we try and create a fix file for this as a team.

I understand that for one single person to do this it is hard work but like we know for work in our different kit projects , together as a team all can be achieved.

Also I will ask for all the skin makers and panel creators of they can give as a hand trying to find out a solution for this problem.

I will now tag the principal kit creators and one of the best skin creators, the best in my option, to see if he can help us or has a solution for this problem as he is constantly involved at the official SI forum for fm.

@@trbngr @@Packmanch @@hammer9 @@Murray @@CountVladimir

And maybe @@flut can help to or any other member of the staff in the forums.


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O meus kits não estão funcionando alguma dica .



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