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Three Parents

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The world's first baby with DNA from three biological parents has been born.

Doctors have waited until little Abrahim Hassan, born on April 6, got to five-months-old before making the announcement - because they wanted to check he didn't have the same condition which killed his siblings.

The controversial technique - which was recently legally approved in the UK - allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies.

Abrahim's parents Ibtisam Shaban and Mahmoud Hassan have previously lost two children due to such a condition.

Furthermore, because they are Muslim, doctors needed to develop a special technique which would fit in with their beliefs and not see the destruction of two embryos.

The parents - who are Jordanian and were given the ground-breaking treatment by a US team in Mexico - have been trying to start a family for two decades.

Mahmoud suffered four miscarriages before eventually giving birth to a baby girl who they then discovered had Leigh syndrome.

That affects the brain, muscles and nerves of developing infants - and their daughter died aged six.

Their second child also had the same disorder and only lived for eight months.

Little Abrahim shows no sign of the disease.

News of the birth is expected to now speed up its introduction across the world.

The wonders of modern science are truly mind-bending!

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Yeah science is becoming incredible, was reading somewhere the other day (prepare for big sidestep) that there are only 7 diseases that scientists can't see ever being wiped out.

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I wonder what those 7 are?

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Going through my internet history I found the list,


Quite an interesting list

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