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Whatever Happened To The Wonder Kids?

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Whatever Happened To The Wonder Kids? is the I finally published on Amazon today.

It is my tribute to the great game of Football Manager 2007 that I’ve used to play as a teenager, and eventually still play until this very day.

In the game there were wonder kids, the next big names in global football.

The names like Freddy Adu, Sherman Cardenas or Sunny sound familiar to any fan of the game, but not all off them made it to the big stage.

In my book I tried to cover around 200 youngsters, wonder kids and must – buys that had their impact in the game, tracked them down and researched what did they accomplished in the last decade.

Some off them made it big, some off them…well not quite.

I must also state that this is the First Edition of the book as I have plans to make more entries to this list.

Also, the whole concept, idea and writing was made completely by myself and is a product of love for the game I grew up with.

I hope you will take your time to look at it for a second, if you were a fan, and maybe it starts a few nice memories :)


The book is available on:



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Sounds like something I would enjoy, I might download to my phone - cheers dude!

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