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[FM 17] San Marino - From Zeros to Heros

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SAN MARINO - ''I quit'', says Pierangelo Manzaroli.
The San Marino FA has accepted Manzaroli's resignation and has aswell chosen the new manager.

''Enough is enough'', said Manzaroli at his last press conference as the manager of the San Marino NT. ''I tried so hard to improve our football, but I can't take this anymore. I love San Marino, but we are incapable of winning matches or even draw. I take the blame, I really do. Now I can't see me as the manager for San Marino. It hurt to say this... I quit''. These were the last words said from Manzaroli before he left the press conference and San Marino has taken note of it.

The president of the sanmarinese FA, Giorgio Crescentini told us: ''Right now we are in big trouble. We are aware of the situation and it's not good at all. Nobody wants to join us, not even the managers from our country. We are going to improve our league and by that I mean changing the system a little bit. Someday our country is going to be capable to play alongside the best teams in Europe. Someday...''.

But there is a light for San Marino after this problems. A chilean manager was apointed as the new manager for the NT called Álvaro Toro. ''Nobody wanted to take this job, I know that. But I know aswell that San Marino needs to be possitive and have a little change. Im the first and only foreign manager chosen by the FA and I'm proud of that. I'm looking forward with San Marino, I know someday we'll be a force here. Or maybe just a competitive country in UEFA. I have faith in the lads and in the FA too''.


Howay the lads? :D 

So this is my first attempt here doing a story. I'm going to try to simulate the San Marino Challenge and see how far I can take this NT. There are going to be some changes in the db. First of all I'm going to change the PA up to 200. Yeah, weird, huh? Secondly I want to make all the teams in Campeonato Samarinense professional, yeah, another little cheat :P And finally I'm going to change the permission to gain the nationality. Acording with the default db it is on 25, I'm going to make it 4 years.

All this changes are made on the basis of trying to gain more players from around the globe and gain dual nationality. I'm going to take the control of only the First Team of San Marino.

That's it for the moment, finito ;) 

ps. Sorry for repeating ''I'm going'' and things like that. I'm trying to not fail in english, I can speak fluently but when it comes to write it's a bit hard :rolleyes:

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