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Brexit and Regens

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Since brexit is now a thing and gets implemented in the game, if you're doing and UK base save of course. So by the rules all non-uk players will need a work permit.


My question though is. If you get an European regen your youth academy, how will it work when you want to sing them up to a full time contract and they won't have any international caps? Unless they are a regen of a small nation how takes any player they can get.

I know EU players already based in the country get special treatment, I assume just get given a WP?


Here's my example:



You can see he's pretty decent, came through my academy, 5* PA etc but he's Italian. So obviously he'll need a work permit maybe.



As you can see he can claim English as his 2nd nationality but according to him. He "sees no benefit" in it.


So when the time comes for a new contract will he get one without having to apply for a WP or will he then take up the 2nd nationality to bypass the WP rules?


Anyone else had something similar or is it just me? :P

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That is the thing though, at the minute it is random still* so WP may not be needed at all. In that case he would probably survive without one as he has it as a 2nd nationality even if he does not intend to use it.

*as far as I know

FM19 onwards will be interesting depending how things go though.

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