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SS' Download Area For International Kits Packs 17/18 only

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Remember to unzip/unrar the files to the install paths listed!

Default SS Kits
(Install path = C:\Users\(yourname)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012-17\graphics\pictures\PUT IN HERE)

DOWNLOAD Default SS kits for FM17 by Fidney (Sortitoutsi) 

DOWNLOAD Default SS kits for FM16 by Fidney (Sortitoutsi) 


Kits Colour Changes (Why do I want/need this?)
(Install path = C:\Users\(yourname)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20xx\editor data)
Warning: Only affects new games - Any problem, send a message to @@hammer9

DOWNLOAD SSKCC17.3.2 v2.6 Kits Colours Changes for FM17 only for 17/18 (Sortitoutsi) - Click Here! Relink! (23/09/17)
(after download, open FM17, Preferences > Interface > click 'Clear Cache' , Preferences > Interface > click 'Reload Skin' , click 'Careers' > Start a game!)


220 x 220 Kit Display Modification by hammer9 for FM2016/17 only! See screenshots here!
(Install path = C:\Users\(yourname)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20xx\panels)

DOWNLOAD 220 x 220 Kit Display Modification for FM17 - Click Here! NEW!

DOWNLOAD 220 x 220 Kit Display Modification for FM16 - Click Here!

Nations SS'2017/18
(Install path = C:\Users\(yourname)\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20xx\graphics\ss kits\put in here)
Africa Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel Relink! (02/02/18)
Asia Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel
Europe Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel 
North Amercia & Caribbean Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel 
Oceania Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel 
South America Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel 


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SS'17/18 update packs:-


Africa Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New! 

Asia Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New! 

Europe Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New! 

North America & Caribbean Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New! 

Oceania Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New!

South America Nations SS'2017/18 by karamel New!

>> See on first post!! <<



Just notice...I haven't checked SSKCC for all above packs, will work on it soon ;)

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SSKCC update packs:-

SSKCC17.3.2 v2.6 for 17/18 kits on FM17 ONLY Relink! (23/09/17)
(updated - All Nations)

>> See on first post!! <<




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