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[Update] Regens PA Patch

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Hey lads, how's everything going?

So I made some patches to fix the PA of regens in some countries and for FM 18 I want to do it again but more accurate. Anyway, I started the same initiative in FMSite and I hope yall can help me on this patch.

The reason of this patch is simply one thing: Stop having countries like Jordania with 145 PA and Irak with 130. It is realistic at all.

Nvm, I have some requirements to define the PA from x countries and these are:

  • Current NT status.
  • The past NT status (like trophies recognized by FIFA and that).
  • Golden generations (like the Chilean one of 2007 with Alexis Sánchez and co.)
  • Remarkable players from that country, either regional or world-wide level.

First of all let's decide about the PA of the Top 10. I have a template but I guess it could be better.

  1. Brazil - 154.
  2. Germany - 150.
  3. Argentina - 148.
  4. France - 145.
  5. Italy - 144.
  6. Netherlands - 143.
  7. Spain - 140.
  8. England - 132.
  9. Uruguay - 125.
  10. Croatia - 124.

Let's start the debate :D 

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