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3D Kits Templates Thread for FM18/FM19

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39 minutes ago, magn84 said:

news for template packs?

coming soon...i need more 17/18 templates tho

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I'd like to introduce a new type of 3D template that should be very easy to use, even if you're total beginner in photoshop.
The typical template file contains several premade kits in all colours so all you have to do is show 3 layers (shirt, shorts and socks) of desirable colours, and hide al the rest.
There is also an empty layer where you can place your club's badge and sponsors.

There is no editing required (appart placing badges and sponsors, obviously), so I named this particular type of template NE 3d templates (=non-editing).

As of today there are 59 kits from all major kit manufacturers and more are added every few days.

Full list of kits:

Adidas Condivo18
Adidas Entrada18
Adidas Estro19
Adidas Regista18
Adidas Squadra17
Adidas Striped15
Adidas Striped19
Adidas Tabela18
Adidas Tiro17
Errea Alben
Errea Jaro
Errea Mateus
Errea Praga
Joma Campus II
Joma Champion IV
Joma Copa
Joma Crew II
Joma Estadio
Joma Europa III
Joma Flag
Joma Galaxy
Joma Grada
Joma Pisa
Joma Tiger
Joma Toletum
Joma Winner
Kappa Caserne
Kappa Mareto
Kappa Paderno
Kappa Tranio
Macron Alphard
Macron Earth
Macron Jupiter
Macron Kelt
Macron Kepler
Macron Sirius
Macron Skoll
Macron Strenght
Macron Tabit
Macron Toliman
Macron Trevor
Macron Wezen
Nike Challenge II
Nike Legend
Nike Park Derby II
Nike Park VI new
Nike Precision IV
Nike Striker IV
Nike Stripe Division III
Nike Tiempo
Puma Core
Puma Hooped
Puma Liga
Puma Striped
Umbro 50/50
Umbro Milan
Umbro Spartan
Umbro Terrace
Umbro Trophy








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