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John Johnson - The World Traveler

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Everyone, say hello to John Johnson. Born on the 27th of November 1991, John played Sunday league football with his mates for years. But during a nasty knee injury that kept him sidelined for a long time, he go a taste for the backroom side of things and decided to try his hand at managing and he even got himself a National C Licence!


After unsuccessfully looking for a job in his home nation of England, John decided it was time to branch out and try looking somewhere else. Since he was a huge fan of most Asian take-out foods, he made the call to stat looking for a job in that region of the world. It just makes sense when you don't think about it too much.


Once he arrived in Asia, the only thing on Johns mind was finding a job as quickly as humanly possible. A man has to eat after all, and eating without money is tricky in all kinds of different ways.


So what he did was apply for all the available jobs in the area  he could find, including the national teams of China and India. Hopefully at least one of the clubs does more than just crumble up his application and throw it in the trash, only time will tell!

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