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[FM20] Wandering to Titles - Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C

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I’ve been playing Football Manager type games ever since Premier Manager 98. Back then, football management games were simpler and more streamlined. Seasons could be completed within an hour yet the joy and satisfaction was just as it is for me today.

Extra Time FM is a blog where I plan to write about the highs and lows of my Football Manager saves. Football Manager is all about the journey and documenting that helps add to the enjoyment.

You can read the blog here: www.extratimefm.com

I have started a new save with Wolves which you can read below. All new episodes will be shared here.

Wandering To Titles! Wolves - Football Manager 2020

Season 1
1. The Dawn of a New Story (FM20) – Squad Report, Episode 1
2. Wandering to Titles – Productive Start (Pre-Season) Episode 2
3. Wandering to Titles – The Season Kicks Off (August) Episode 3
4. Wandering to Titles - Magical Jota (September) Episode 4
5. Wandering to Titles - A Mixed Bag (October) Episode 5
6. Wandering to Titles - Short and Sweet (November) Episode 6
7. Wandering to Titles – Hectic Christmas (December) Episode 7
8. Wandering to Titles – Injury Crisis! (January) Episode 8
9. Wandering to Titles - European Advancement (February) Episode 9
10. Wandering to Titles - Solid Progression (March) Episode 10
11. Wandering to Titles - A Near Perfect Month (April) Episode 11
12. Wandering to Titles - History Has Been Made (May) Episode 12
13. Wandering to Titles - Season Review, Episode 13
Season 2:
14. Wandering to Titles - Transfers Galore (Pre-Season) Episode 14
15. Wandering to Titles - Season 2 Underway (August) Episode 15
16. Wandering to Titles - Champions League Dream Start (September) Episode 16
17. Wandering to Titles - Consistency is Key (October) Episode 17
18. Wandering to Titles - Growing in Confidence (November) Episode 18
19. Wandering to Titles - Winter is Coming (December) Episode 19
20. Wandering to Titles - Is Top 4 a Step Too Far? (January) Episode 20
21. Wandering to Titles - Formation Change & Clean Sheets (February) Episode 21
22. Wandering to Titles - Are we a 'Big Team' Now? (March) Episode 22
23. Wandering to Titles - Liverpool Triple Header (April) Episode 23
24. Wandering to Titles - Wrapping up the Season (May) Episode 24
25. Wandering to Titles - Season 2 Review, Episode 25

Season 3:

26. Wandering to Titles - Third Season Transfers (Pre-Season) Episode 26
27. Wandering to Titles - We Are Off to a Flyer! (August) Episode 27

With these saves, I intend to share as much as I can with you and the thought process behind my decisions in the save. Feedback and recommendations are all welcome along the journey. I hope you stop by.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you wish to discuss the save or just generally talk about football: @ExtraTimeFM
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We're 27 episodes deep now. The third season in. It's been a fantastic journey of highs and lows. 

Here's the latest:

A lot is expected from our star summer signing. Can he deliver to help us improve on the last two 5th place finishes in the league?

We will also battle away in the Europa League this year - the trophy we lifted in my first year.

Read it all here: Wandering to Titles - We Are Off to a Flyer! (August) Episode 27

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