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Drunken Stories

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This is pretty mild in comparison to the rest, but when we were at center parcs my mate got absolutely fucked within about 30 minutes, he just went mad on the shots and collapsed. After this we put him in bed and carried on drinking, a few hours later we were all pretty gone and decided to shave his legs + eye brow... The first funny thing was when my mate said "lets dry shave his pubes so it itches like fuck", then my other mate goes "i'll get the shaving foam". Everyone just looked at each other and was like _O_.

You had to be there tbh, was golden. Then just before we were all about to pass out the lad who got shaved come out to go to the toilet, he was stood there in these stupidly big boxers, must've been his Dads or something, and he got skanked, he then said something like "you had to rob me of my last bit of dignity", another golden moment. We all just died on the floor laughing.

Hadn't/haven't laughed that much.

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